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TitleProject risk management methodology: a case study of an electric energy organization
Author(s)Peixoto, Joana
Tereso, Anabela Pereira
Fernandes, Aldora Gabriela Gomes
Almeida, Rui
KeywordsRisk management
Risk management plan
Identify risks
Risk assessment
Plan risk response
Risk monitoring and control
Issue date2014
PublisherElsevier Ltd.
JournalProcedia Technology
CitationJoana Peixoto, Anabela Tereso, Gabriela Fernandes and Rui Almeida (2014) “Project Risk Management Methodology: A Case Study of an Electric Energy Organization”. Procedia Technology, 16, 1096–1105.
Abstract(s)This paper presents the developed risk management methodology and the main risk management results of a pilot project in a Portuguese electric energy organization – EDP Distribution. Most of the project risks identified have external and technical sources, and most of the risks are rated as medium and high level. In the future, it is expected that this methodology can be used for similar projects and that a gradual standardization on the use of the risk management methodology can be achieved in the organization.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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