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TitleAn initiation of a lean journey in a clothing company
Author(s)Eira, Rúben
Maia, L. C.
Alves, Anabela Carvalho
Leão, Celina Pinto
KeywordsLean Production
Clothing Industry
Waste Identification Diagram (WID)
Issue date2015
CitationEira, Rúben; Maia, L. C.; Alves, A. C.; Leão, Celina Pinto. An initiation of a Lean journey in a clothing company, Trabalho apresentado em 6th Conference on Mechanics and Materials in Design (M2D), In Proceedings of the 6th Conference on Mechanics and Materials in Design (M2D), Ponta Delgada, Açores, 2015.
Abstract(s)This paper presents the introduction of Lean Production in a clothing company. This company had never before heard of Lean Production but it was curious, embraced the challenge and agreed to have a researcher in its facilities to evaluate the work environment and the Lean implementation viability. In conclusion, the research has shown that, in addition to the company interest, the implementation of some of the proposals overcome problems identified in the critical analysis of the company´s production system. The solutions proposed to the problems identified are based on Lean principles and tools. The chosen procedure includes the presentation of the proposals, revealing that the modifications suggested for the finishing sector, will allow the simplification of material flow and control of production, the reduction of Work-in-Process as well as the reduction of waste associated with transportation activities between work stations.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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