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TitleDomains of quality of life of WHOQOL-Bref in adults indivuduals with mood disorders and the general population
Author(s)Macedo, Ermelinda
Nossa, Paulo Nuno Sousa
Ferreira, Patrício
Silva, Carlos Fernandes
KeywordsQuality of life
Mood disorders
Issue date2014
PublisherElsevier España
JournalAtención primaria
Abstract(s)Introduction: The method used to assess the health and health care has been undergoing changes due to the recognition of the importance of the social consequences of the disease and the recognition of the goal of therapeutic interventions to increase the lifetime and its quality. In this sense, the quality of life is understood in scientific and academic circles as an outcome measure, along with mortality and morbidity. Objectives: This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between the presence of mood disorder and quality of life. Methods: The sample consisted of 78 subjects: 39 diagnosed with mood disorder-major depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, and depressive disorder not otherwise specified (1st Group) and 39 without mental illness (2nd Group). The 1st Group was selected from outpatient Hospital of Portugal and the 2nd Group was selected snowball, having been controlled the sociodemographic variables. Both of these groups used the WHOQOL - Bref, contemplating sociodemographic variables and the Graffar Index to evaluate the socio-economic class. Results: The 1st Group presented in all domains of the WHOQOL - Bref (psychological, physical, social relationships and environment) lower scores and also lower overall quality of life than the 2nd Group. It was found that the areas most affected by the presence of mood disorder were physical and psychological domains. Conclusions: These results reinforce previous studies indicating that people with mood disorders have a poorer quality of life pointing thus to the need to establish a multidimensional monitoring these people.
DescriptionPublicado em: Atención primaria, vol. 46 (Espec Cong 1). ISSN 0212-6567
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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