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TítuloThe rhetoric of regional planning: a cross-disciplinary approach
Autor(es)Sousa, Alcina
Lourenço, Júlia
Palavras-chavecorpus linguistics
modal carriers
Regional plans
Sustainability development
RevistaTopics in Linguistics
CitaçãoSousa A., Lourenço J. The Rhetoric of Regional Planning: a Cross-Disciplinary Approach, Topics in Linguistics, pp. 28-41, 2012
Resumo(s)Analysing discourse as a social practice and the rhetoric of regional plans entails a focus on the features of context, such as identities of participants, the social structures, and the professional relationships urban planning is likely to maintain or change. This paper aims at discussing recurrent trends in regional land-use planning concerning development versus conservation in the 1990s in the Portuguese context. Two regional plans, whose date of approval shows a ten-year span, are compared within a cross-disciplinary framework with two tourism plans. Two major fields, namely linguistics (i.e. corpus linguistics and discourse analysis) and territory planning, highlight how language in regulations is used, based on a quantitative empirical study. The main findings, drawing both on exploratory data and methods from computational linguistics, point towards increasing levels of subjectivity. The close scrutiny of linguistic and discursive choices, with a focus on the interaction of segmental, supra-segmental and textual levels, also highlights the multimodal nature of the regulations of these two regional land plans. Concurrently, underlying discourses towards development rather than conservation come to the fore in both plans.
Arbitragem científicayes
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