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TitleFood safety management system implementation and certification: survey results
Author(s)Teixeira, Sofia
Sampaio, Paulo
KeywordsISO 22000
Food safety management systems
Issue date2013
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalTotal Quality Management & Business Excellence
CitationSofia Teixeira & Paulo Sampaio (2013): Food safety management system implementation and certification: survey results, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 24:3-4, 275-293
Abstract(s)The worldwide implementation and certification of food safety management systems (FSMS) have increased significantly during the last few years, thus reflecting the importance of assuming these standards in some activity sectors. Based on the literature review carried out, there are a large number of research projects that have been conducted in this area. However, as far as Portugal is concerned, the nationwide research projects related to ISO 22000 are scarce. Therefore, this paper reflects what we believe to be a pioneering contribution in order to study FSMS adoption by Portuguese companies. In more detail, our aim is to provide fact-based insights, among others, into the following issues: (1) What are the motivations and benefits of ISO 22000 certification? (2) What are the main obstacles, difficulties and drawbacks of ISO 22000? (3) What are the benefits and costs directly related to the food management system implementation, certification and maintenance? (4) What are the market evolution perspectives of the food management system? In order to answer these questions, we used a research methodology that was based on a survey that was e-mailed to the ISO 22000- certified Portuguese companies.
AccessOpen access
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