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TitleThe use of telematics in the context of teacher education
Author(s)Osório, António José
Teacher education
Issue dateNov-2004
Abstract(s)Telematics and the availability of the Internet for schools and the educational community are currently the subject of active discussion. This has stimulated a need to reflect on and research their role in education and in particular teacher education. This research is particularly important when considering the ?forces? of change, the challenges to education and the demands for a learning society. Therefore, the present research, which was conducted in the context of a PhD at the University of Exeter School of Education, supervised by Professors Niki Davis and Martin Hughes, aimed to find out how telematics can enhance the education and professional development of teachers.
TypeOral presentation
DescriptionComunicação apresentada no II Congresso Online do Observatório para a Cibersociedade, 2-14 Novembro 2004.
AccessOpen access
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