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TitleDevelopment and characterization of a hydrogel containing silver sulfadiazine for antimicrobial topical applications
Author(s)Jodar, Karin S. P.
Balcão, V. M.
Chaud, Marco V.
Tubino, Matthieu
Yoshida, Valquíria M. H.
Oliveira Jr. , José M.
Vila, Marta M. D. C.
silver sulfadiazine
antimicrobial topical applications
physical characterization
polymeric drug delivery systems
transdermal drug delivery
Issue dateJul-2015
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons
JournalJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
CitationJodar, Karin S. P.; Balcão, V. M.; Chaud, Marco V.; Tubino, Matthieu; Yoshida, Valquíria M. H.; Oliveira Jr. , José M.; Vila, Marta M. D. C., Development and characterization of a hydrogel containing silver sulfadiazine for antimicrobial topical applications. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 104(7), 2241-2254, 2015
Abstract(s)Development and optimization of a hydrogel with impregnated silver sulfadiazine was pursued, for antimicrobial topical applications. The selected hydrogel exhibited a homogeneous appearance, with whitish colloration and devoid of any fractures or cracks. The content in impregnated silver sulfadiazine was within established limits (1%, w/w) with a standard deviation of up to 1.28%. The hydrogel presented a good characteristic in relation to release of the active antimicrobial principle, verified through swelling tests and antimicrobial activity. The swelling tests indicated a higher increase in weight during the first 6 h of contact with a moist environment, with a maximum value of 266.00 ± 0.81, and with maintenance of the original shape of the hydrogel. The impregnated silver sulfadiazine presented antimicrobial activity, as expected, indicating a prolonged release of the drug. The infrared spectra of the hydrogel with impregnated silver sulfadiazine indicated that the drug did not engage in any bonds with the polymeric matrix, which otherwise could have reduced its antimicrobial activity. The mechanical resistance tests produced good results, indicating that the hydrogels may be utilized in different locations of the human body with skin lesions.
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