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TitleWear prediction of ceramic-on-ceramic hip artificial joints
Author(s)Askari, E.
Flores, Paulo
Dabirrahmani, D.
Appleyard, R.
KeywordsWear simulation
ceramic-on-ceramic hip joint
multibody systems
Issue date2015
JournalMechanisms and Machine Science
Abstract(s)Wear can influence the lifetime and performance of implants and has been found to be a key factor in primary failure of artificial hip joints. The present study aims to present a spatial multibody dynamic model to predict wear in ceramic-on-ceramic hip implants. The problem was formulated by developing a spatial multibody dynamic model of a hip prosthesis taking three-dimensional physiological loading and motion of the human body into account. Then, the Archard wear model was integrated into the dynamic calculation of the hip implant to predict wear. Additionally, geometries of the cup and head were updated throughout the simulation to generate a more realistic wear simulation. The results were validated against current literature. Finally it was illustrated that friction-induced vibration caused excessive wear of hip implant components.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
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