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TitleDevelopment and early results of a new concept of an orthopedic footwear stirrup
Author(s)Peixoto, Joaquim Jorge Gomes
Moura, Bruno Emanuel Novo de
Moreira, Pedro
Souto, A. Pedro
Flores, Paulo
KeywordsFoot stirrup
New design
Orthopedic footwear
Issue date2015
JournalMechanisms and Machine Science
Abstract(s)The development and early results of a new solution for an orthopedic footwear stirrup is presented throughout this work. In the sequel of this process, the most common biomedical orthotic solutions for low limbs are revisited. Subsequently, the conceptual design of a new solution of an orthopedic footwear stirrup is presented and discussed. This procedure starts with the identification and full characterization of the problem at hand. Then, several stirrup conceptual models are presented, analyzed and compared with the purpose to find the best solution for the stirrup. After this task, a computational analysis is performed in order to assess the dynamic response of the solution adopted. This task is carried out by utilizing a commercial software based on the finite element method. Finally, after the selection of the different materials and manufacturing processes, the functional physical prototype is built, incorporated and tested in an actual orthopedic footwear.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionPublicado em "New trends in mechanism and machine science: from fundamentals to industrial applications". ISBN 978-3-319-09410-6
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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