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TitleA text mining approach for the extraction of kinetic information from literature
Author(s)Freitas, Ana A.
Costa, Hugo
Rocha, Miguel
Rocha, I.
KeywordsEnzyme kinetics
metabolic models
text mining
name entity recognition
relation extraction
Issue date9-Apr-2015
CitationFreitas, Ana A.; Costa, Hugo; Rocha, Miguel; Rocha, I., A text mining approach for the extraction of kinetic information from literature. Bioinformatics Open Days 2015 - Book of Abstracts. Braga, Portugal, April 9-10, 22, 2015.
Abstract(s)Systems biology has fostered interest in the use of kinetic models to better understand the dynamic behavior of metabolic networks in a wide variety of conditions. Unfortunately, in most cases, data available in different databases are not sufficient for the development of such models, since a significant part of the relevant information is still scattered in the literature. Thus, it becomes essential to develop specific and powerful text mining tools towards this aim. In this context, this work has as main objective the development of a text mining tool to extract, from scientific literature, kinetic parameters, their respective values and their relations with enzymes and metabolites. The pipeline proposed integrates the development of a novel plug-in over the text mining tool @Note2. Overall, the results validate the developed approach.
AccessOpen access
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