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TitleDevelopment of an electrochemical RNA-aptasensor to detect human osteopontin
Author(s)Meirinho, Sofia G.
Dias, Luís G.
Peres, António M.
Rodrigues, L. R.
KeywordsRNA aptamer
Voltammetric aptasensor
Protein biomarker
Issue dateSep-2015
JournalBiosensors & Bioelectronics
CitationMeirinho, Sofia G.; Dias, Luis G; Peres, António M.; Rodrigues, L. R., Development of an electrochemical RNA-aptasensor to detect human osteopontin. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 71, 332-341, 2015
Abstract(s)Electrochemical aptasensors may be used to detect protein biomarkers related to tumor activity. Osteopontin (OPN), a protein present in several body fluids, has been suggested as a potential biomarker since its overexpression seems to be associated with breast cancer progression and metastasis. In this work, a simple and label-free voltammetric aptasensor for the detection of OPN, using an RNA aptamer previously reported to have affinity for human OPN as the molecular recognition element, and the ferro/ferricyanide solution as a redox probe, was developed. The RNA aptamer was synthetized and immobilized in a working microelectrode gold surface (diameter of 0.8 mm) of a screen-printed strip with a silver pseudo-reference electrode and a gold counter electrode. The electrochemical behavior of the electrode surface after each preparation step of the aptasensor was studied using cyclic voltammetry and square wave voltammetry. The resulting voltammetric aptasensor was used to detect OPN in standard solutions. Cyclic voltammetry results showed that the aptasensor has reasonable detection and quantification limits (3.7±0.6 nM and 11±2 nM, respectively). Indeed, the detection limit falls within the osteopontin levels reported in the literature for patients with metastatic breast cancer. Moreover, the aptasensor is able to selectively detect the target protein in the presence of other interfering proteins, except for thrombin. Considering the overall results, a possible application of the aptasensor for cancer prognosis may be foreseen in a near future.
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