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TitleFunctionalized protein nanoemulsions by incorporation of chemically modified BSA
Author(s)Loureiro, Ana
Abreu, Ana S.
Sárria, M. P.
Figueiredo, Mafalda C. O.
Saraiva, Lígia M.
Bernardes, Gonçalo J. L.
Gomes, Andreia
Paulo, Artur Cavaco
Issue date2015
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
JournalRSC Advances
Abstract(s)The incorporation of bioactive compounds in stealth nanoparticles or nanoemulsions enhances their half-life in systemic circulation and can overcome the problems associated with the free drug. Bovine serum albumin (BSA)-drug conjugates were produced with either methotrexate (MTX), a potent anticancer agent, or vancomycin (VCM), a potent antibiotic. Those conjugates were used to produce functionalized BSA nanoemulsions in a formulation composed by aqueous phase and organic phase. BSA-Folic acid (FA) conjugates were also produced allowing specific folate receptor (FR) mediated targeting of cancer cells (KB cell line). All conjugates had similar effects either in solution or in the form of nanoemulsions: BSA-MTX as anti-proliferative over Caco-2 cell line and BSA-VCM as lower minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) comparatively to VCM solution on Staphylococcus aureus strain Newman. The production of nanoemulsions using BSA-drug conjugates for obtaining vectors loaded with stabilized drugs offers a good, flexible template for a wide range of medical applications.
AccessOpen access
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