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TitleDevelopment of cellulose acetate membranes for water applications
Author(s)Silva, Joana Luísa Padrão Cruz Costa e
Abreu, Ana S.
Oliveira, M.
Machado, A. V.
Issue date2014
Abstract(s)Human activities, inadvertent added phosphates to freshwater bodies which has been caused eutrophication. Manifested by abundant development of aquatic plants, growth of algae, with some kinds of them being toxic, and to balance disturbance of organisms present in water, results in the deterioration of water quality and limits its usage. Sever cases, provoke oxygen depletion, which affects fish and other aquatic life, microorganism and insects’ growth as well as it causes natural resorts degradation. Therefore, the removal of phosphates from eutrophic waters and microorganisms are crucial to avoid some problems, especially near urban areas. [...]
AccessOpen access
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