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TitleOn the experimental intradiscal pressure measurement techniques : a review
Author(s)Araújo, Ângelo Rafael Gomes
Peixinho, Nuno
Pinho, A. C. Marques de
Claro, José Carlos Pimenta
Editor(s)Flores, Paulo
Viadero, Fernando
Intervertebral disk
Intradiscal pressure
Intervertebral disc
Issue date2015
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
JournalMechanisms and Machine Science
Abstract(s)The intradiscal pressure has been essential for prevent the spinal complaints by forming a basis for clinical advice to promote the correct sitting postures. As a consequence, it is evident the need of an accurate method for measure the intradiscal pressure, to better understand the disc response to hydorstatic pressure fluctuations. Numerous reviews regarding disc mechanics are available, including intradiscal pressure benchmarks; however, an analysis on the techniques of intradiscal pressure measurement is needed. Therefore, this review will remain focused on the methodologies adopted for measure the intradiscal pressure in several conditions: for different daily activities, under external loads and for values where occurs annulus fibrosus disruption. The importance of the intradiscal pressure on disc function will be discussed as well as the some guidelines for design new measurement techniques will be defined.
DescriptionSeries : Mechanisms and machine science, ISSN 2211-0984, vol. 24
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