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TitleProcess simulation and morphology evolution of micromouldings
Author(s)Brecx, B.
Cardon, Ludwig
Pontes, A. J.
Issue date2010
Abstract(s)Micro injection moulding is an advanced method of injection moulding techniques. It provides us with the opportunity to develop micro parts in mass production. For producing these micro parts, several heating systems have been designed. One of these systems is the infrared heating system, known as variotherm system. Other micro injection parts were produced without a variotherm system, by means of heating rods. They were produced under different process conditions and have been subdued to a morphology and skin-ratio research. The different process conditions were created by changing the mould and injection temperature. Results were concluded on the influences of these changes on morphology, skin-ratio and injection pressure. Pressure curves were obtained by the use of sensors inside the mould during the injection of the micro parts. All of this data will support to understand the influences of changing process parameters on the injected micro part.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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