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TítuloEx-ante evaluation by the media of the Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture
Autor(es)Remoaldo, Paula Cristina Almeida
Vareiro, Laurentina
Ribeiro, J. Cadima
Santos, J. Freitas
Palavras-chaveEuropean Capital of Culture
Socioeconomic impacts
Mega events
Cultural tourism
EditoraMilena Press
Resumo(s)The nomination of Guimarães to host the 2012 European Capital of Culture (ECC) has put on the agenda of the city the need of measuring the effects that the implementation of this mega event could have in it and in the municipality a whole. The balance of the benefits and costs and an extended community involvement tend to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive ones. This chapter analyzes the involvement of population and local associations in the planning and organization of the 2012 Guimarães European Capital of Culture, using the coverage made during 2011 by local and national press of the mega event. A content analysis of the news published covering the period between January and December 2011 and using three newspapers was conducted. From those, two were local and weekly newspapers and one was a national daily one. Looking to data results, it can be concluded that it was poor the community involvement and, also, the one of the cultural associations in the organizations of the 2012 ECC. A strong negative reaction to the model choose to plan the mega event conducted by official organizers was found, which has cast doubts on the desirable participation of the residents and, consequently, on the success of the mega event, especially in a perspective of a medium and long term effects.
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