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TitleThe curriculum practical construction : a local perspective from the research of school external system
Author(s)Sousa, Joana
Pacheco, José Augusto
Schools external evaluation
Portuguese curriculum reality
Issue date2014
PublisherZhejiang University. College of Education
Abstract(s)In a time of globalization the discourses of standards and accountability (Taubman, 2009) are strongly predominant in the practical construction of curriculum of basic and secondary schools. The transnational curriculum theories and practices (Autio, 2014) and the character of a transcendent market logic (Smith. 2014) are constituting a pragmatic kind of globalization (Ball, 2012) centered on forms of homogenization of the curriculum by borrowing and lending policies (Steiner-Kharnsi, 2012). By reading the five introductory texts of the International handbook of curriculum research (Pinar, 20 14a) we under line not only the global governmentality as a pragmatic project but also the local particularities. At the same time. we analyze the Portuguese curricular reality through a research project based on the schools external evaluation system to support the outputs and the outcomes, expressed on results and standards (Scott, 20 I4) due to one curricular approach centered on testing (Pacheco & Marques, 2013), as the accountability method to construct the curriculum practice. A critical perspective of this method is defined by the double interconnected movement internationalization and nationalization (Hua, Wenjun & Pinar, 2014). In spite the intended curriculum is apparently becoming more uniform around the world, what actually happens within schools varies widely around the world (Anderson-Levitt, 2009), it is relevant that the developing knowledge networks, enable policies to move through and adapt on other contexts (Ball, 2012). This paper is a part of a Portuguese national study: "Impact and Effects of External School Evaluation on non-Higher Education Schools" - funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology - FCT (PTDC/CPE-CED/116674/2010).
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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