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TítuloRemarks on the two and three membranes problem
Autor(es)Azevedo, Assis
Rodrigues, José Francisco
Santos, Lisa
EditoraWorld Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS)
CitaçãoCHEN, Chiun-Chuan ; CHIPOT, Michel ; LIN, Chang-Shou, ed. – “Recent advances in elliptic and parabolic problems : proceedings of the international conference, Hsinchu, Taiwan 16-20 February 2004”. Singapore [etc.] : World Scientific, 2005. ISBN 981-256-189-7. p. 205-219.
Resumo(s)We consider the problem of finding the equilibrium position of two or three membranes constrained not to pass through each other. For general linear second order elliptic operators with measurable coefficients we prove the Lewy-Stampacchia type inequalities and we establish sufficient conditions on the external forces to obtain the stability of the coincidence sets of the membranes, in analogy with the obstacle problem.
Arbitragem científicayes
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CMAT - Comunicações com arbitragem/Communications with refereeing

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