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TitleNarratives about work and family life among Portuguese academics
Author(s)Santos, Gina Maria Gaio dos
KeywordsWork-family life
Issue dateJan-2015
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons
JournalGender, work and organization
Abstract(s)A qualitative study conducted with Portuguese academics of both genders was devised to better understand the interface between work and family life. The academics seemed to position themselves along two different narratives. The first pointed to work and family as complementary, while the second described the subordination of one dimension to the other. The family life cycle, particularly parenthood experiences, illustrates the different narratives. Gender differences were more visible in the case of academics who were parents of young children, with women presenting a diverse set of micro-narratives on motherhood. The findings also showed the need to design less standardized career models.
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