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TitleTreatment of a complex chemical wastewater using a sequencing batch reactor : from lab to full scale
Author(s)Brito, A. G.
Mota, J. M.
Mendes, J.
Teunissen, G.
Machado, P.
KeywordsSequencing batch reactor
Issue date2000
CitationBrito, A. G.; Mota, J. M.; Mendes, J.; Teunissen, G.; Machado, P., Treatment of a complex chemical wastewater using a sequencing bacth reactor: from lab to full scale. 2nd International symposium on Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology. Vol. II: Poster Presentations, Narbonne, France, July 10 -12, 47-50, 2000.
Abstract(s)This paper is focused on the application of a biological Sequencing Batch Reactor for the treatment of a complex wastewater discharged by a chemical industry of synthetic glues and resins. The main source of wastewater is the washing and cleaning procedures used in the manufacturing process. The present study comprised the assessment of SBR feasibility as secondary treatment, both at lab and full scale. In the lab scale reactor, at an applied organic load of 0.15, COD removal was around 65-75% and BOO elimination was higher, 85-90%., The full-scale reactor supported a similar COD and BOO removal efficiency. In both studies, the results confirmed that a fraction of the raw COD was biologically recalcitrant Problems of biomass deflocculation and foaming were observed.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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