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TitleThe validity of the Hoffman and Emery equation in thermal diffusion
Author(s)Morgado, M. Fátima
Pinheiro, J. D. R. S.
Romero, Joaquim José Barbosa
Issue date1978
PublisherUniversidade do Minho
CitationMorgado, M. F. L. S.; Pinheiro, J. D.; Romero, J. J. B., The validity of the Hoffman and Emery equation in thermal diffusion. CHEMPOR'78 - 2nd International Chemical Engineering Conference. Braga, Portugal, Sep. 10-16, 34.1-39.9, 1978.
Abstract(s)The most widely used equation in thermal diffusion is discussed in what concerns its range of validity. It is shown that when the separation curves are non-symmetrical with respect to the initial composition the error involved in the Hoffman and Emery equation when using a value of t=0.3 tr for the lower limit of the time, may be significantly larger than those predicted by their original authors. Experimental cases described in the literature are discussed on the light of previous analysis.
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