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TitleBIOHYBRID – Biohybrid templates for peripheral nerve regeneration
Author(s)Grothe, Claudia
Haastert-Talini, K.
Freier, T.
Navarro, X.
Dahlin, L. B.
Salgado, A. J.
Rochkind, S.
Shahar, A.
Pinto, L. F.
Hildebrandt, M.
Geuna, Stefano
Issue date2012
PublisherPeripheral Nerve Society
JournalJournal of the peripheral nervous system
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Peripheral nerve injuries represent a major cause for morbidity and disability in affected patients and cause substantial costs for society in a global perspective. It has been estimated that peripheral nerve injuries affect 2.8% of trauma patients,many of whom acquire life-long disability (Noble et al., 1998). With respect to an incidence of nerve injuries of 13.9/100,000 inhabitants per year (Asplund et al., 2009) and the number of inhabitants in the EU (495,000,000 inhabitants in 2007), the number of peripheral nerve injuries requiring repair and reconstruction, excluding nerve injuries by amputations, may be 70,000 annually only in EU countries. Related to peripheral nerve injuries, the costs for society are substantial and consist of direct (costs for surgery, outpatient visits and rehabilitation) and indirect (lost production) costs. Individual median and ulnar nerve injuries in the forearm have total costs of EUR 51,000 and 31,000, respectively, where around 85% of the costs consist of loss of production (Rosberg et al., 2005), still excluding costs for adjusted quality of life ( Eriksson et al., 2011) . Thus, one may estimate that the annual costs only in the EU may be as high as EUR 2.2 billion, indicating that improved treatment strategies for peripheral nerve injuries may not only improve the situation for patients, but may also significantly reduce costs for society. [...]
TypeLetter to the editor
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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