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TítuloInclusion and citizenship – plural cultural context of creativity and curricular innovation
Autor(es)Viana, Isabel Carvalho
Serrano, Ana Maria
EditoraZeitschrift für Inklusion
RevistaZeitschrift für Inklusion
Resumo(s)Inclusion and citizenship conceives the understanding of diversity as a space of collaboration between what is local and what is global. Generally, countries respond to the multiple challenges of an increasing globalised world by introducing changes in the different systems which organise these countries. There is an intention to generate structures capable of preparing countries for responding to the challenges of society, which intends to be based on experience, information, knowledge, life-long learning and in developing the ability to increase citizens’ well-being. Inclusion and citizenship – a plural, cultural context of creativity and curricular innovation consists of an ability to question ourselves about the possibility of re-imagining a plural and inclusive pedagogical/training, cultural and social space. It is within the citizen’s interaction with the environment, with the personal and collective action contexts that the inclusion of everyone can be fostered in evolutionally more plural societies, in which the curriculum establishes the cultural and social legacy, promoting the development of meaning of the human activity, that may also be strengthened when supported by innovating and creative ways of doing it.
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