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TitleRelationship school-family-community : when all learn with all
Author(s)Sousa, Maria Martins
Sarmento, Teresa
Parental involvement
Issue dateFeb-2014
PublisherAcademic Star Publishing Company
JournalJournal of Modern Education Review
CitationMartins, Maria e Sarmento, Teresa (2014). “Relationship School-Family-Community: When All Learn with All”. Journal of Modern Education Review, ISSN 2155-7993, USA, Volume 4, No. 2, pp. 84–96 Doi: 10.15341/jmer(2155-7993)/02.04.2014/002, Academic Star Publishing Company
Abstract(s)Despite the weak involvement of families in the school life of their children, there is a widespread perception and a tacit acceptance of the importance of this involvement and implication, by the strong and positive correlation that it has with the school and educational success of children, adolescents and youngsters. In a research carried out under the PhD in Educational Sciences and from the perception of parents and teachers who play the roles of Class Tutors, it was possible to identity very significant benefits that can result from a close and constructive relationship between the school, the surrounding community, and particularly families. The joint reflection on these results as well as the objective to put it at the service of the improvement of the school educational activity, the project “Parents and Teachers in Training/Action” was born. Aiming the promotion of an active and informed participation of families in their children’s school careers and relying on the commitment of the internal actors, this project chooses as primary intervention strategy the training of parents and teachers as they are more directly responsible in the educational process. Through the development and deepening — by specialized teams — topics, mostly suggested by recipients, a contribution to the construction of a space of reflection around the complex daily school life is provided, in joint pursuit of the most appropriate responses to the problems and constraints that characterize it.
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