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TitleApplying the S-Ivac methodology in schools to explore students’ creativity to solve sexual health problems
Author(s)Vilaça, Teresa
Jensen, Bjarne Bruun
KeywordsSexuality education
Action-oriented knowledge
Action competence
Issue date2009
PublisherAssociation for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE)
Abstract(s)A research to evaluate the development of participatory and action-oriented sexuality education projects in schools (7th to 12th grades) (n=16), with the use of ICT will be described with the following objectives: i) to discuss the creativity of students’ visions regarding how the world and their lives could be, and how society and the environment could be improved in relationship to their particular sexual concerns; and ii) to characterize the type of actions carried out to solve their sexual problems. Participant observation, group interviews and materials put online by students were selected as research techniques for the triangulation of data. The principal results showed that these students thought creatively to formulate visions and develop, individually or collectively, reflexive actions which leadto positive changes in their lifestyles and/or living conditions which improve their sexuality.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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