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TitleCan stigma become a resource? The mobilisation of aesthetic–corporal capital by female immigrant entrepreneurs from Brazil
Author(s)Malheiros, Jorge
Padilla, Beatriz
KeywordsBrazilian immigrants
Colonial imaginary
Colonial imaginary
Aesthetic–corporal capital
Beauty filière
female entrepreneurs
beauty filiere
Issue date2015
JournalIdentities : Global Studies in Culture and Power
CitationMalheiros, J., & Padilla, B. (2015). Can stigma become a resource? The mobilisation of aesthetic-corporal capital by female immigrant entrepreneurs from Brazil. Identities-Global Studies in Culture and Power, 22(6), 687-705. doi: 10.1080/1070289x.2014.950970
Abstract(s)The proportion and visibility of Brazilian women and particularly the specific images of Brazil and Brazilians in the Portuguese imaginary have contributed to the construction of new versions of stigma and stereotypes surrounding them. Mainstream images of Brazilian women have incorporated prejudices about the sensuality of Creole women who are reminiscent of the Portuguese colonial imaginary. Starting from this stigmatised image, we show how Brazilian women entrepreneurs in the ‘beauty’ business filière reinterpret and mobilise this perceived negative image, transforming it into an added value associated with an ‘aesthetic’ Brazilian body culture. This idea of ‘body’ aesthetics becomes a business resource transformed into aesthetic– corporal capital, a key component of the Brazilian beauty business filière. Empirically, this research is based on qualitative elements, in particular 25 interviews with Brazilian women entrepreneurs of the beauty filière working in Portugal, collected for the project BELTS-W (Brazilian Entrepreneurial Links and Transnational Strategies – Women).
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