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TitleGoodness-of-fit tests for a semiparametric model under random double truncation
Author(s)Moreira, Carla
Uña-Álvarez, Jacobo de
Keilegom, Ingrid van
Survival analysis
Truncated data
Issue dateOct-2014
JournalComputational Statistics
Abstract(s)Doubly truncated data are commonly encountered in areas like medicine, astronomy, economics, among others. A semiparametric estimator of a doubly truncated random variable may be computed based on a parametric specification of the distribution function of the truncation times. This semiparametric estimator outperforms the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator when the parametric information is correct, but might behave badly when the assumed parametric model is far off. In this paper we introduce several goodness-of-fit tests for the parametric model. The proposed tests are investigated through simulations. For illustration purposes, the tests are also applied to data on the induction time to acquired immune deficiency syndrome for blood transfusion patients.
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