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TitleInteraction between students with and without deafness: best practices
Author(s)Melo, Liliane Brito de
Gomes, Maria João
Santos, Anabela Cruz dos
Virtual learning environment
Issue date2014
Abstract(s)Students with deafness belong to a bilingual community that defines their cultural and linguistic identity and has influence on their understanding about the world. Brazilian studies (Bisol at al., 2010; Cruz & Dias, 2009; Manente et al. 2007; Massini & Bazon, 2005) have shown that social interaction with peers ate school is indeed at utmost challenge to the deaf students. So, one challenge at inclusive settings consists in planning and using strategies to overcome these obstacles at school. Teachers need to use more evidence-based pratices with these students to increase social skills, such as (Lacerda, 2006): a) establishing a culture of collaboration between deaf students and typically developing peers; b) adequate role of sign language interpreter in class and other school contexts, whose action have a direct impact on the understanding and interpretation of written and spoken language; c) adopt collaborative tool such as forum an wiki in virtual learning environments. These are some examples that can be applied and can help overcoming the challenge of sociability of deaf students in school. A relationship between peers in school enables diversity experiences and respect for others as participant citizens in a network society. This paper will present a Literature Systematic Mapping in practice considering inclusive education for deaf students in Brazil support on educational uses of technology.
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