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TitleSynthesis and photophysical characterization of heterocyclic azines and the corresponding copper complexes as versatile compounds for optical applications
Author(s)Raposo, M. Manuela M.
Batista, Rosa Maria Ferreira
Kuzniarska-Biernacka, Iwona
Costa, Susana P. G.
Neves, Isabel C.
Fonseca, António M.
UV-visible spectroscopy
Issue date2014
Abstract(s)The current interest in azine derivatives arises from their wide range of applications in diverse areas such as material and environmental sciences, biomedical, analytical, supramolecular chemistry and catalysis [1-3]. Azine ligands bearing N, O and S heteroatoms in their structure should exhibit improved coordination ability [4]. Moreover, the Cu(II) complexes with organic ligands, containing nitrogen and/or oxygen donor atoms, are catalytically active in phenol oxidation reaction in order to enhance the organic pollutants into the valuable pharmaceuticals products as a sustainable solution to environmental problems [5]. Bearing these facts in mind, azine ligands containing heterocycles such as thiophene L1, pyrrole L2 and furan L3, as well as the corresponding Cu(II) complexes C1-C3 were synthesized and characterized. In this communication, we present the synthesis and photophysical characterization for all compounds (L1-L3 and C1-C3) in selected organic solvents by UV–Vis absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, as well as the cation chemosensory study for ligands L1-L3 which exhibit selective and sensitive colorimetric response in the presence of Cu(II) (colourless to reddish for L2 or colourless to yellow for L3).
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