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TitleAbsence of finite-temperature ballistic charge (and spin) transport in the 1D Hubbard model at half filling (and zero spin density)
Author(s)Carmelo, José Manuel Pereira
Gu, Shi-Jian
Sampaio, Maria José Fontes Alexandre Forjaz
Keywordscharge and spin stiffnesses
1D Hubbard model
absence of ballistic transport
exotic charge and spin transport
Issue date9-Jun-2014
PublisherIOP Publishing
JournalJournal of Physics A
Citation18. Carmelo, J. M. P., Gu, S. J., & Sampaio, M. J. (2014). Absence of finite-temperature ballistic charge (and spin) transport in the 1D Hubbard model at half filling (and zero spin density). Journal of Physics A - Mathematical and Theoretical, 47(25). doi: 10.1088/1751-8113/47/25/255004
Abstract(s)Finite-temperature T > 0 transport properties of integrable and nonintegrable one-dimensional (1D) many-particle quantum systems are rather different, showing ballistic and diffusive behavior, respectively. The repulsive 1D Hubbard model is a prominent example of an integrable correlated system. For electronic densities n = 1 (and spin densities m = 0) it is an ideal charge (and spin) conductor, with ballistic charge (and spin) transport for T 0. In spite of the fact that it is solvable by the Bethe ansatz, at n = 1 (and m = 0) its T > 0 charge (and spin) transport properties are an issue that remains poorly understood. Here we combine this solution with symmetry and the explicit calculation of current-operator matrix elements between energy eigenstates to show that for on-site repulsion U > 0 and at n = 1 the charge stiffness Dη (T ) vanishes for T > 0 in the thermodynamic limit. A similar behavior is found by such methods for the spin stiffness Ds (T ) for U > 0 and T > 0, which vanishes at m = 0. This absence of finite temperature n = 1 ballistic charge transport and m = 0 ballistic spin transport are exact results that clarify long-standing open problems.
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