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TitleData warehousing through multi-agent systems in the medical arena
Author(s)Abelha, António
Machado, José Manuel
Alves, Victor
Neves, José
KeywordsMulti-agent systems
Dataware housing
Medical applications
Issue dateJul-2004
Abstract(s)In this paper it is presented AIDA, an Agency for Integration, Archive and Diffusion of Medical Information. It configures a data warehouse, developed using Multi-Agent technology, that integrates and archives information from heterogeneous sources of a health care unit. AIDA is like a symbiont, with a close association with core applications at any health care facility, namely the Picture Archive Communication System, the Radiological Information System and the Electronic Medical Record Information System, that are built upon pro-active agents and communicate with the AIDA’s ones.
DescriptionComunicação apresentada na International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Decision Support, 1, Porto, 2004.
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