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TitleMineral cycling and pH gradient related with biological activity under transient anoxic–oxic conditions: effect on P mobility in volcanic lake sediments
Author(s)Ribeiro, Daniel
Martins, Gilberto
Nogueira, R.
Brito, A. G.
Issue date24-Jul-2014
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
JournalEnvironmental Science and Technology
CitationRibeiro, D. C.; Martins, Gilberto; Nogueira, R.; Brito, A. G., Mineral cycling and pH gradient related with biological activity under transient anoxic–oxic conditions: Effect on P mobility in volcanic lake sediments. Environmental Science and Technology, 48(16), 9205-9210, 2014
Abstract(s)Phosphorus (P) mobility from the sediments to the water column is a complex phenomenon that is generally assumed to be mainly redox sensitive and promoted by anoxic conditions. Thus, artificial aeration of the hypolimnium has been used as a remediation technique in eutrophic water bodies but several times with unexpected disappointing results. To optimize lake restoration strategies, the aim of the present study is to assess the P flux from the sediments under transient anoxic-conditions and to identify the relevant drivers. P sequential extraction, microprofiling (of pH, O2 and H2S), and bacterial community identification were performed on a sediment microcosm approach. The results demonstrated that the overall P release from sediments to the water column during transient phase was higher during the oxic phase, mainly from pH sensitive matrixes. The microprofiles signature suggests that the observed pH gradient during the oxic phase can be a result of H2S oxidation in suboxic layers spatially separated and pared to O2 reduction in top layers, through an electroactive bacterial network. These findings point to an additional driver to be considered when assessing P mobility under transient anoxic–oxic conditions, which would derive from pH gradients, built on the microbial electrical activity in sediments from freshwaters volcanic lakes.
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