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TitleDesign of novel BSA/hyaluronic acid nanodispersions for transdermal pharma purposes
Author(s)Martins, Madalena A.
Azóia, Nuno G.
Shimanovich, Ulyana
Matamá, Maria Teresa
Gomes, A. C.
Silva, Carla Manuela Pereira Marinho da
Paulo, Artur Cavaco
KeywordsHyaluronic acid
Bovine serum albumin
Transdermal transport
Skin penetration
Issue date2014
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
JournalMolecular Pharmaceutics
CitationMartins, Madalena; Azoia, Nuno G.; Shimanovich, U.; Matamá, Maria Teresa; Gomes, A. C.; Silva, Carla; Paulo, Artur Cavaco, Design of novel BSA/hyaluronic acid nanodispersions for transdermal pharma purposes. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 11(5), 1479-1488, 2014
Abstract(s)A novel transdermal hyaluronic acid (HA) conjugated with bovine serum albumin (BSA) was developed in the form of solid-in-oil (S/O) nanodispersion (129.7 nm mean diameter). Ex vivo skin penetration analysis by fluorescence and confocal observation of histological skin sections revealed the ability of BSA/HA nanodispersions to cross the stratum corneum and penetrate into the dermis. Furthermore, no significant toxicity was found in fibroblast and keratinocyte cells in vitro. These results proved the potential of the developed nanodispersion for transdermal delivery of hyaluronic acid constituting a high value to biopharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
AccessOpen access
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