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TitleApplication of xylitol in food formulations and benefits for health
Author(s)Mussatto, Solange I.
Editor(s)Silva, Silvio Silvério da
Chandel, Anuj Kumar
Health benefits
Medical applications
Issue date2012
CitationMussatto, Solange I., Application of xylitol in food formulations and benefits for health. In Silvio Silvério da Silva, Anuj Kumar Chandel, D-Xylitol, Berlin: Springer, 2012. ISBN: 978-3-642-31886-3, 309-323
Abstract(s)Sugar substitution by any sweetener in the food industry is usually made taking into account the calories of the sweetener, the possibility of using it in diets for weight reduction or control, and the degree of similarity between its flavor and the traditional sugar. Among the existent alternative sweeteners, xylitol has attracted the attention of food manufacturers since it has sweetening power similar to sucrose but with lower caloric value, and can be consumed by diabetics. Nowadays, a variety of products containing xylitol in the formulation can be found in the market. Most of them are especially formulated for people with insulin-deficiency. Another important advantage of xylitol ingestion when compared to the traditional sugar is that it promotes several benefits for human health, acting both on the prevention and/or treatment of diseases. Due to these important properties, the use of xylitol in food products is a market in great expansion. The current applications of xylitol in food formulations are summarized in this chapter. The benefits to health promoted by its ingestion are also presented and discussed.
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