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TitleDelivery of antimicrobial peptides for the treatment of mycobacteriosis
Author(s)Silva, João P.
Costa, César Oliveira
Sousa, Jeremy Nicolas Carvalho
Castro, António G.
Pedrosa, Jorge
Appelberg, Rui
Gama, F. M.
Issue date2014
CitationSilva, João P.; Costa, César; Sousa, Jeremy; Castro, A. G.; Pedrosa, J.; Appelberg, R.; Gama, F. M., Delivery of antimicrobial peptides for the treatment of mycobacteriosis. 4th MIT Portugal Program Conference - New Frontiers for Sustainable Prosperity. Coimbra, Portugal, June 27, 2014.
Abstract(s)Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which resides inside macrophages, has always been recognized as one of the most “successful” pathogens. Standard treatments have already been used for decades and, therefore, resistances to the first-line medicines are increasing. Additionally, poor patient compliance with stringent therapies is often pointed out as a major reason leading to treatment failure. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), a promising new class of broad spectrum antibiotics, are less prone to result in pathogen resistances due to their target (cellular membranes) and rapid action. In our laboratory we search for AMPs with potent activity against mycobacteria and try to develop efficient delivery systems based on self-assembled colloidal nanocarriers. Additionally, this systems are expected to reduce peptide toxicity and enhance selective uptake on infected cells. Finally, the use of encapsulated drugs in mycobacterial therapy may help reducing drug administration schedules which would ultimately improve patient compliance.
AccessOpen access
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