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TitleAn intelligent approach for open clinical laboratory results in Intensive Care Medicine
Author(s)Portela, Filipe
Santos, Manuel Filipe
Machado, José Manuel
Abelha, António
Silva, Álvaro
Rua, Fernando
KeywordsData acquisition
Laboratory tests
Laboratory results
Tracking System
Issue date2013
JournalInternational Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Ieem
Abstract(s)The process of how laboratory tests are made and the results are delivered is very important to the decision making process in medicine. This situation is more critical in areas like Intensive Medicine, where the decision needs to be performed quickly and accurately. Typically, the results are presented in a closed format (document). This format represents a barrier for the implementation of Intelligent Decision Support Systems that make use of laboratory results to feed predictive models to help the Intensive Care professionals in such critical decisions. In order to overcome this limitation an intelligent agent based system has been implemented. Lab results are now collected, processed and used in real-time in an open format contributing to the implementation of an automatic scoring system.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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