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TitleArchiving business operational data heritage
Author(s)Belo, Orlando
Marques, Alice
KeywordsDatabase archiving
Data warehouses
Archiving Oriented Dimensional Modelling
Multidimensional structures
Issue date2012
JournalProcedia Technology
Abstract(s)Operational Database Systems are keeping large amounts of information that are not used in any aspect on current business processes. It’s inactive data maintained only for historic reasons or simply to ensure data patrimony and process heritage. Thus, database archiving is today a critical task for companies that are worried about their data storage devices, processing resources, and, obviously, data preservation. Extracting selectively relevant business information from operational database and storing it on a separate archive data store for consulting it’s a good strategy for preserving data as well to reduce storage database resources and improve data processing services. In this paper we propose an archiving technique inspired on the most effective data warehousing dimensional modeling techniques. We designed and developed a set of mechanisms with the ability to analyze and characterize a conventional relational database, and based on a set of business preservation requirements and archiving rules, prepare it to be archived on a multidimensional system designed automatically. We’ll present their description and functionalities, describing the way in which they can be used and the manner how operational data is stored in a archiving oriented data warehouse.
DescriptionSeries: Procedia technology, vol. 1
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