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TitleEarth and rockfill embankments for roads and railways : what was learned and where to go
Author(s)Correia, A. Gomes
Brandl, H.
Magnan, Jean-Pierre
Issue date9-Sep-2014
PublisherÖsterreichischer Ingenieur- und Architekten-Verein (cd)
Abstract(s)This paper discusses the present and future of design, construction and maintenance of road and railways embankments. Design covers both, the geotechnical dimensioning and justification of the completed structure in its environment, and the conception and organisation of works needed to build the required embankment. These aspects are also discussed in terms of available materials for construction and environmental interactions. Attempts to link design parameters with field observations are highlighted. Construction aims to build the embankments according to design requirements. It is expected to apply sustainable practices to conventional materials and situations, as well as to non-conventional materials, tropical, desert and cold climates, and also to deal with unusual or more sophisticated construction and quality control methods. The necessary techniques may vary considerably for different situations, and must therefore be specified for each individual situation. The paper also contains several practical recommendations. Maintenance includes the preservation of initially designed capacities of the embankments. It is sometimes combined with new designs to accommodate higher loads, geometry changes, and extreme environment conditions, like floods and earthquakes.
TypeConference paper
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