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TitleImproving MEP planning using BIM tools
Author(s)Otero, Ricardo Daniel Fernandes
Couto, J. Pedro
Reis, Francisco
MEP planning
MEP projects
Issue dateOct-2014
PublisherBIMForum Portugal
CitationOtero R., Couto J. P., Reis F. Improving MEP planning using BIM tools, 2nd BIM International Conference, 2014
Abstract(s)  This work results from research activities within the scope of the Master’s Thesis in Civil Engineering underway in the University of Minho, carried out in partnership with the company EFACEC, and it is still in development.   It is a fact that BIM brought many benefits to the construction industry, and with it, engineers are now capable of making better projects with a lower cost in less time. Now, project leaders can coordinate and manage any project more efficiently and increase productivity. However, there is still is a gap of productivity, when we talk about BIM on Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) projects. When we are in a BIM environment and we talk about time, we are entering in another dimension of BIM, the 4D (3D + time). The 4D simulation, which is the sequencing of the different stages of the construction, can help managers make better decisions or workarounds more efficiently, comparing various possibilities of embracing the work, but it will also help in managing spaces, keeping schedules updated and improving communication between the different participants in the project. In the point of view of a BIM manager the 3D model is nothing more then a visual data base that can be managed to get to fulfill reports and to track the construction status. This is why the "I" of BIM is so important. Having in mind the last sentence, in this thesis the main goal is to find one workflow, between different software, that can increase productivity when managing MEP projects.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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