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TitleNarrative innovation in life design counseling: the case of Ryan
Author(s)Cardoso, Paulo
Silva, Joana R.
Gonçalves, Miguel M.
Duarte, Maria Eduarda
KeywordsCareer counseling
Innovative moments
Life design counseling
Process of change
Issue date2014
JournalJournal of vocational behavior
Abstract(s)The main aim of this research is to study the patterns of narrative change in a case of life design counseling (LDC). The innovative moments coding system (IMCS) was used to conduct an intensive analysis of the career counseling sessions. This coding system is grounded in a narrative conception of the self, and suggests that narrative change results from the elaboration and development of narrative exceptions to a client's core problematic self-narrative. The results supports the adequacy of the IMCS to the study of change in career counseling and reveal that the intervention promotes a pattern of change characterized by three types of innovative moments: action, reflection, and protest. The results are discussed taking into account their implications for career counseling theory, research and practice.
AccessOpen access
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