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TitleTeacher quality, professionalism and professional development : findings from a European project
Author(s)Hilton, G.
Flores, Maria Assunção
Niklasson, L.
Teacher quality
Reflective Practice
Professional development
Teacher education
Issue date2013
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalTeacher Development
Abstract(s)This paper presents and discusses findings from a European project concerning strengthening the teacher´s voice in defining professional quality. In the project tools were developed and evaluated to help teachers reflect on their professional quality. Twelve countries participated and twelve tools were tested with help of student teachers, teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and policy makers. Evaluations were completed by the tool testers and the test leaders through questionnaires and, in the case of the tool designers, through reflective journals on their experiences. Findings showed that the tool design was a success in aiding professional development via discussion about teacher quality amongst the participants. Even though the result was mainly positive, findings also showed that the tools can be further developed. Overall, the findings demonstrate that there are other ways of encouraging teachers to consider what constitutes good quality in teaching rather than imposing external standards.
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