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TitleEnvironmental impact and comparative economic analysis among different building constructive systems used in Portugal
Author(s)Oliveira, Fernando
Mendonça, Paulo
Couto, J. Pedro
Camões, Aires
KeywordsConstructive solutions
Economic analysis
Environmental Impact
Functional analysis
Issue dateOct-2014
CitationOliveira F., Mendonça P., Couto J. P., Camões A. Environmental Impact and Comparative Economic Analysis Among Different Building Constructive Systems Used in Portugal, EDEB ’14, 8th International Conference on Energy and Development, Environment and Biomedicine, Recent Advances in Environmental Science and Biomedicine, pp. 101-106, 978-960-474-391-9, 2014
Abstract(s)The choice between different materials and constructive systems can influence significantly the environmental impact and cost of construction. In this context, four constructive systems used in Portugal were studied: one conventional - composed by brick walls and steel reinforced post and beam concrete slabs; and three non-conventional - light steel framing (LSF); wood frame (WF); and insulation concrete form (ICF). Using a case study based on a contemporary Portuguese typical dwelling, some environmental impact indicators, as well as the weight and the economic cost of these solutions were evaluated.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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