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TitleReductive intramolecular cyclisation of unsaturated halides by Ni(II) complexes
Author(s)Esteves, Ana Paula
Freitas, A. M.
Medeiros, Maria José
Pletcher, Derek
KeywordsCyclic voltammetry
Electrocatalytic reduction
Issue date2001
PublisherElsevier Science SA
JournalJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
Citation"Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry". ISSN 0022-0728. 499 (2001) 95–102.
Abstract(s)Catalytic reductions of 6-bromo-1-hexene and (R)-(-)-citronellyl bromide with Ni(I) complexes, electrogenerated from Ni(II) complexes, in N,N%-dimethylformamide have been investigated with the aid of cyclic voltammetry and controlled-potential electrolyses. Cyclic compounds are obtained in appropriate experimental conditions. The influence of a proton donor and a hydrogen atom donor on the system is described.
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