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TitleAssessment of technology acceptance in intensive care units
Author(s)Portela, Filipe
Aguiar, Jorge
Santos, Manuel
Silva, Álvaro
Machado, José Manuel
Abelha, António
Rua, Fernando
Technology acceptance
Intensive care
Decision support system
Technology assessment
Issue dateSep-2014
JournalInternational Journal of Systems and Service-Oriented Engineering (ijssoe)
Abstract(s)The process of deploy a technology in critical services need to be very careful planned and processed. As an example it is the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). In the ICU the patients are in critically ill condit ions and there aren’t available time to make experiences or to develop incomplete systems. With the objective to improve the implementation process, the same should be accompanied in order to understand the environment and user behaviour. In this case and with the goal to evaluate the implementation process, an assessment model was applied to a real system called INTCare. INTCare is a Pervasive Intelligent Decision Support System (PIDSS). It was deployed in the ICU of Centro Hospitalar do Porto and was evaluated using the Technology Acceptance Model 3 (TAM). This assessment was made using the four constructs proposed by the TAM and a questionnaire-based approach guided by the Delphi Methodology. The results obtained so far show that although the users are satisfied with the offered information recognizing this importance, they demand for a faster system. This work present the main results achieved and suggest one way to follow when some technology is deployed in an environment like is ICU.
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AccessOpen access
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