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TitleFrom the classical concept of Services to Service Systems
Author(s)Fonseca, Fernando Jorge
Pinto, Carlos Sousa
Service System
Service Science
Information Systems
Issue date15-Oct-2014
JournalProcedia Technology
Abstract(s)The “service” concept, which is very comprehensive and diversified, has changed over time and according to the knowledge area where it is used. The integration of technology in personal and professional routines of everyday life has changed its importance, number, variety and, consequently, its defining characteristics. In order to address the new emerging reality, it was necessary to evolve the concept incorporating new “services” and changing paradigms. From the observation of the services, to the abstraction that enables its systematization, there is a set of steps that can be taken and that will contribute to a better understanding of the term. According to Service Science, a Service System definition could be a starting point, which seems to be the actual research trend. This article presents an exploration of these and other related concepts, aiming to establish a set of characteristics/properties capable of clarifying the differences and similarities between the classical concept of Services and Service Systems.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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