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TítuloAttitudes and entrepreneurial intention of Portuguese secondary students
Autor(es)Vieira, Filipa Dionísio
Rodrigues, Cristina S.
Azevedo, José
Secondary students
EditoraAcademic Conferences and Publishing International (ACPI)
RevistaProceedings of the European Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Resumo(s)Entrepreneurship emerges as a key factor in job creation and is crucial for socioeconomic balance in the region or the country. Entrepreneurship is an effective alternative, either through the development of existing businesses or by creating new ones. It should also emphasize that the entrepreneurial ability of a society is a collective well that should be preserved and cultivated. The situation of global economic crisis has been reflected in the different economies, particularly in the declined of employment to unimaginable heights. In order to counteract this negative cycle, it becomes imperative to stimulate, maintain and cultivate an entrepreneurial attitude cross, from the youngest to the current managers, to promote the creation of new business and develop existing yet. Looking for answers about the policies and mechanisms available for the creation of new businesses and the existence of an entrepreneurial attitude in a given region are of vital importance in promoting entrepreneurship. Portugal has experienced troubled times, with marked destruction of jobs and businesses affected by the economic and financial crisis, as well as by restructuring undertaken by the government, especially after the financial rescue that Portugal was subjected. Faced with a strong future scenario of high unemployment, what attitudes and entrepreneurial intentions reveal young Portuguese students? This research work focuses on secondary students from Oliveira de Azemeis, a city and municipality in northern Portugal, heavily industrialized in several business areas and with important references on employment size and internationalization capability. Taking as a starting point a survey with 308 students, all pre-university students, the paper presents and discusses the results obtained on various issues such as entrepreneurial behavior of students’ parents, the attitude towards self-employment and perceptions of entrepreneurial intention. Results indicate a moderate entrepreneurial behavior of student’s parents. In general, the attitudes towards self-employment are lower and the analysis identified differences considering the attitudes items. The data analysis also tested and identified differences considering gender, age, course type (regular or professional), school and self-employed parents. The analysis of intention identified 48.4% of students with entrepreneurial intention, and 51.6% with no intention. Statistical tests identified an association between intention and school and between intention and self-employed parents. Finally, the analysis identified significant differences concerning attitudes by intention group. The results give a contribution to the theme of Entrepreneurship through the investigation of the entrepreneurial attitudes and intention of young adults (pre-university).
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