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TitleDurability performance of concrete bridge piers made with metakaolin and latex mixes
Author(s)Camões, Aires
Cruz, Paulo J. S.
Jalali, Said
Ferreira, Rui Miguel
Cunha, P. J.
Issue date2004
PublisherTaylor and Francis
CitationINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BRIDGE MAINTENANCE, SAFETY AND MANAGEMENT, 2, Kyoto, 2004 - “Bridge maintenance, safety, management and cost” [CD-ROM]. London : Taylor and Francis, 2004. ISBN 04-1536-336-X.
Abstract(s)Requirements for assessment of structural performance based on a combination of concrete strength and reinforcement cover seems to be insufficient to provide adequate durability of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Under these circumstances, the construction industry is expected to generalize the use of higher quality concrete with an enhanced or even high performance. This paper summarizes the main results of several tests to assess the durability performance of different concretes used in the construction of a new highway bridge in the north of Portugal. In this report, only the metakaolin and latex results are discussed. The durability performance was evaluated with tests based on capillary absorption, permeability to oxygen and water as well as chloride diffusivity and electrical resistivity. The results demonstrated that the use of metakaolin and latex improve the resistance against chloride penetration, while the effect on water and oxygen permeability is not so clear.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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