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TitleD2.1: baseline study of stakeholder & stakeholder initiatives
Author(s)Ferreira, Miguel
Faria, Luís
Silva, Hélder
Cost models
Digital preservation
Issue date31-Jul-2013
Abstract(s)To initiate the Engagement work package in 4C, a baseline group of stakeholders was identified and an analysis of significant cost modelling and economics-related work in the field of digital curation has been carried out. Also, a small questionnaire has been sent to stakeholders in order to engage them in the project and to better understand their current state of practice in assessing digital curation costs. As such, this document reports on task 2.1 of the 4C project, i.e. Baseline study of stakeholders and initiatives on the domain of digital curation costs; and includes the results of the following subtasks: 1. A collection of relevant work on cost modelling activities in the context of digital curation; 2. An initial registry of stakeholder groups and contacts; 3. The results of the application of a questionnaire sent to stakeholders to grasp the state of practice and current needs in the field of digital curation costs.
AccessOpen access
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