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TitleMedia policy, economics and citizenship: an analysis of a peculiar model for participatory public service television
Author(s)Sousa, Helena
Pinto, Manuel
KeywordsMedia policy economic
Public service television
Civil society
Issue dateJun-2005
Abstract(s)Facing strong competition and financial hardship, Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) operators worldwide are redefining their role and re-inventing new futures. The Portuguese PSB, Rádiotelevisão Portuguesa (RTP) is no exception and important changes have recently been introduced in the traditional ‘public service’ model. The centre-right coalition government (elected on 17 March 2002 with absolute majority) perceived the restructuring of RTP as a major political goal and, in an unprecedented move, decided to relinquish control of one of RTP’s national generalist channels to the so-called ‘civil society’. This article looks at the political decision of transferring the responsibility of programme–making to ‘civil society’ and explores some dimensions of the social, political and economic implications of such a peculiar move. This paper argues that as far as rhetoric went, citizens had the centre-stage in this new ‘participatory model’ but – despite collateral positive results – we will put forward the idea that short-term political and economic interests, rather than the promotion of a truly participatory model – were at the heart of this strategy.
TypePanel presentation
DescriptionComunicação apresentada na Conference ‘Changing Media, changing policy" - Euromedia Research Group, Zurique, Suiça, 24-25 Junho 2005.
AccessOpen access
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