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TitleInternship report on the work performed at Airbus' Capital Expenditures Department with a special insight on the A380 Production Program and its Non-recurring Costs & Fixed Costs Reduction Program
Author(s)Gomes, Miguel Ângelo Ferreira
Advisor(s)Carballo Cruz, Francisco
Aircraft manufacturers
Capital expenditures
Issue date2014
Abstract(s)Airbus currently exhibits a dominant position in the manufacturing industry of passenger airliner aircrafts. The primary purpose of this report is to follow my internship at the firm’s Hamburg HQ, where I have served as the PMO for the A380 production program. Thus, the main goal of this report is to use the insight and non-confidential internal data collected throughout the internship in order to properly place Airbus in the manufacturers industry of all passenger aircrafts with a seating capacity over 100 passengers, with a particular emphasis in the market segment where the A380 aircraft currently operates. Focusing on the subjects dealt in the internship, the characterisation of the industry and the company is more than a mere contextualisation. Always taking into account the market duopoly in which is inserted, Airbus’ historical background and the market forecasts are not simply a means to an end, as their study becomes one of the goals of this report.
DescriptionRelatório de estágio de mestrado em Economics
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